About the DataExchange

The right data is out there.
We’ll help you find it.

The DataExchange is a one-stop-data-shop where businesses can discover, review, and acquire the third-party data sources that fuel revenue operations.

Take your data to new heights

The DataExchange is your guide for exploring the vast third-party data marketplace, providing you with all of the information you need to make better data decisions.


Curate the perfect enrichment recipe by filling in the fields you need most to achieve your business goals.


Discover the right data for your unique requirements and operationalize it in your CRM and MAP in real-time.


Hear from your peers in the form of reviews and best practices to find out how they are winning with the DataExchange.


Blend your data sources into a single, manageable platform and eliminate the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors.


Explore our searchable catalog of data attributes and see which sources can provide the insight you need most.


Leverage powerful deduplication, normalization, segmentation, routing, and more in your enrichment process

Dozens of Vendors. Hundreds of Attributes.
One Platform.

The DataExchange centralizes vendor information and offerings into the most comprehensive data catalog on the web. Tap into the leading B2B and B2C data providers to find and ingest the data that meets your business requirements.

Backed by powerful database operations

Finding your data is only half the battle. You need to make sure you’re getting the data where it needs to be — whether that is your CRM, marketing automation platform, or other business system.

When you connect to the DataExchange, you get access to the RingLead Platform to ensure perfect delivery of your data.

Programmatic enrichment

  • Web submission
  • List Import
  • Manual Entry
  • API Enrich
  • Trigger-based enrichment

Batch enrichment



Lead-to-Account linking



Bridging the gap between providers and buyers since 2004.

RingLead has been in the data space for more than 15 years. We’ve done the leg work –from researching data vendors all the way to configuring enrichment APIs– so you don’t have to.

Who’s on the DataExchange?


Discover a catalog of vendors and reviews so you can make more informed data purchasing decisions.


The DataExchange is the premier way for data consumers to discover and connect with you in ways they could not before.

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